League Format

$1220 per team (GST incl.) + $42.00 VCC Member Fee + $32.50 Covid Reopening fee per primary registered player (GST incl.)

VCC members who play in multiple leagues only need to pay the VCC Fees in one of the leagues they are playing in.

Draw Format
Round 1 – 4 pools of 9 teams each, 9 weeks in duration
Round 2 – 4 pools of 9 teams each, 9 weeks in duration
Playoff Round – 4 pools of 9 teams each, 9 weeks in duration
Each team receives 1 bye per round

In each round, teams will play each team in their respective pool and be awarded points based on the schedule below.  After round 1 & 2, teams are shuffled within pools based on their in-pool performance, with the top three teams from B, C & D moving up a pool and the bottom three teams from A, B & C moving down a pool.

Teams will carry their points with them from round to round.

If 2 or more teams are tied at the end of a round, the following system will be used to determine who receives the higher ranking:

  • Team with least defaults
  • Team with the most wins
  • Head-to-head record between tied teams
  • Cumulative Points
  • Random computer generated draw
  • Point Breakdown

Teams will be shuffled into new pools for the start of the next season based on cumulative points earned the previous year.

Teams will be awarded points based on the following breakdown. No points will be awarded for a default.

Round 1 Win Tie Loss
Pool A 16 pts 12 pts 8 pts
Pool B 14 pts 10.5 pts 7 pts
Pool C 12 pts 9 pts 6 pts
Pool D 10 pts 7.5 pts 5 pts

NOTE: Teams will earn points for a tie if the score is tied at the end of the game. There will be no extra ends or draws to the button. Teams who default will receive 0 points.

At the end of the Playoff round, the top team in each pool based on points earned in the Playoff round will be awarded a cash prize. The winner of the A pool Playoff round will be the Thursday Open championship team.

VCC Club Championships
There will be 2 invitations to the league to participate in the VCC Club Championships as follows:

  • Team from ‘A’ block with most points earned in the Playoff Round is assigned Thursday Open #1 on the Club Championship draw, and
  • Team with most cumulative points at end of league play is assigned Thursday Open #2 on the Club Championship draw (if unable to play, the spot will be given to the team with the next highest points total)
  • If Thursday Open #1 and Thursday Open #2 Club Championship spots are claimed by the same team, Thursday Open #2 will be assigned to the team with the next highest points total.
  • If the playoff champion is unable to play, the second place playoff team (and then the third and so on) will be assigned as team Thursday Open #1 on the Club Championship draw.
  • If required, the tie-breaking formula to determine the Thursday Open #2 (most points) team who will represent the league will be as follows:
  • Most wins in head-to-head games during the entire season
  • Most points earned in the playoff round
  • Most wins in A-Box during the season.

Other Rules
Bell Rule: A warning bell will ring after 90 minutes of play; followed by a 105-minute bell, after which no new end may begin.

Spares can play any position, but not higher than the person they are replacing. No more than two spares are permitted.

New Teams:  At present, we do not have a league policy regarding placement of new teams into pools. It is currently at the discretion of the league reps and the expected level of play of the team entering the league.  ie. We don’t want to place a high level team in D as that would be unfair to teams in that division and result in games that are not fun to play in.

Defaulted Games
There is nothing more frustrating than arriving at the club and seeing that your opponent has not shown up. Given that there is a large demand to join this league, if any team has three or more default losses over the course of the season, they will be asked to find another league for the next season.
Any of the following will be considered a default:

  1. Less than one business day notice is given to the coordinator and/or opposing team that a team is unable to make a scheduled game.
  2. A team is unable to field the minimum number of registered players (2) at any point in the contest.
  3. A team not showing up at all.